Reasons for the pause

and so it goes on.

hope to be back to the beauties of the smallest details of Korea. 

I've been doing some things - going outside of the country - realizing this and that, pondering what nots and why I bother even writing my thoughts down (this blog).

but I guess it's nice writing those things down and looking at them down the road and realize how much you've changed.  I think change is indeed the constant in life.

my beliefs, thoughts and values have changed a lot.  a lot.

and some can say that I'm fickle - actually I am in some ways.  I just listen and do what hits me at the moment.  there's a lot of wrong in that - but most of the time, it fits me the best.  I don't like regretting things later. 

so bare with the changes - and that will be pretty much what's constant in this blog.

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