beattie previee (hapjeong)

one summer day in a cafe in hapjeong


finished "super beginner" french class..

3 hrs every saturday for 4 weeks! i did it! finally finished the very first course of french language academy.. it's overwhelming though.. i understand upto chapter 8 of 30 chapters that we studied. we went so fast.. :( and i didnt have time to review and completely take time to understand and memorize them. i felt really bad last saturday bc we were completely clueless on the stuff we learned. i think my french teacher took it personally.. it's not like we didn't want to study.. :('' i have a week before the next course begins, i have to study super hard to catch up^^..

addicted to coffee

one thing we do splurge on is a good cup of coffee^^ i mean considering how frugal we get sometimes, coffee is in the "necessity" category. we've been getting our coffee fix from LATTE KING~

andrew picked us coffee right before it closed, 10:30sh.. maybe that's why we don't ever get to sleep earlier than 1:30am.. i miss my sleep btw.. going back to school has its pros and cons^^.

first week back to school

after having 3 weeks off for summer, im back to school~ we're finally done with choux pastry (finally)..

honestly, it's been an exhausting week back to school. but having to get motivated and doing the real stuff feels good. but i might just end up resting before jumping into the "intermediate" session..

other than being back to school, im excited that summer is coming to an end. although it really hasn't gotten cooler much. it's been raining a whole lot though.. i can't wait for fall.. foliage and cooler weather couldn't come any sooner.


now, cappuccino...

hehe.. for a long time, i loved cafe mocha.. that was MY drink~^^ but nowadays, i find myself getting cappuccino.. cappuccino.. yummyumm.. :)

(good cappuccino in Passion5 - at least this was decent.. :P)

a good cup of coffee is a relaxer.. such a good treat at the end of the day^^


strawberry "seng-cream" cake @ Passion5

cake from PASSION5. i got this one bc my favorite cartoon character JJANG-GU loves strawberry cakes!^^

well.. it wasn't anything memorable sadly. it wasn't as soft as i expected it to be..tasted like any regular cake from a bakery and the cream wasn't as good.. for a fancy dessert restaurant, this was disappointing. i would give this piece of cake a C- ... :(''

i had so much expectations for this place.. but i guess you can't hide that it is the upper class version of PARIS BAGUETTE.. (what i found out from pastry school..) there's Paris Baguette then Paris Croissant and Passion5... ehh.. (more blabs soon)


earl grey chiffon cake - PASSION5

here is my newest favorite dessert!! earl grey chiffon cake~~~ from passion5 in hanamdong. (hanganjin station, exit 3)

i just love how soft it is.. melt in your mouth texture and the earl grey tea is just perfect.. i love this!!!

i will def. have more about passion5(bakery/cafe/restaurant) soon.


vegetable pasta

vegetables, olive oil, garlic~~ easy to make dinner yumyums are my favorite.

i like to keep dinner simple. however, desserts can be a lil fancier^^..


apple tart

from our 2nd class.. :) it feels like forever ago~


from meringue class~

i miss school

i miss waking up early in the mornings arriving to school half awake^^

i miss taking photos of pretty pastry~

i miss hearing french and not knowing what is going on...
....being lost in translation is kind of fun (sometimes, but not usually..)

i miss being busy...
and trying to find "nap time" in between school and work.

i miss the smell of pastry and flour and eggs.. and butter...

i miss my classmates and their competitive spirit that drives me~

i miss eating pastry and breads...

i miss so many things already

but it's only been a week..


3 week vacation from LCB

woohoo~~~ no classes at LCB for 3 weeks bc it's summer!! and the chefs are heading back to their homeland, france for their given vacay days~~ my main chef is heading to paris~ right now!

so, that means.. PRACTICE TIME. loads of it. needs to be done. hopefully, i will be doing enough practice to share it here^^
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