addicted to coffee

one thing we do splurge on is a good cup of coffee^^ i mean considering how frugal we get sometimes, coffee is in the "necessity" category. we've been getting our coffee fix from LATTE KING~

andrew picked us coffee right before it closed, 10:30sh.. maybe that's why we don't ever get to sleep earlier than 1:30am.. i miss my sleep btw.. going back to school has its pros and cons^^.

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  1. you two crazies!
    coffee hardly does anything to me anymore~~
    i've had 4 shots total today, and still feel as though i could lay down for a little cat nap.. zzzzz i wish i was a cat! ^^;; but i've thrown my "no caffeine past 2pm" rule out the door. no troubles sleeping anymore! ^^;


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