i miss school

i miss waking up early in the mornings arriving to school half awake^^

i miss taking photos of pretty pastry~

i miss hearing french and not knowing what is going on...
....being lost in translation is kind of fun (sometimes, but not usually..)

i miss being busy...
and trying to find "nap time" in between school and work.

i miss the smell of pastry and flour and eggs.. and butter...

i miss my classmates and their competitive spirit that drives me~

i miss eating pastry and breads...

i miss so many things already

but it's only been a week..


  1. it'll be back before you know it~~ ^^
    until then,,, enjoy your new oven and home baking! so excited for the cutesy homemade creations that are soon to-be handcrafted by unni :)))))

  2. I want to hear you speak French. That's cool!

  3. hehehe~ gomawuh~^^ baking my first batch of cookies right now~~.. and it's almost 2 am?!!... aigo.. i wish nights were just a little bit longer..

    hehe.. i have such a long way to go w french~.. but can't wait until i can actually say something other than oolala~~ ive always loved saying that~~.. i guess french has always been in my blood?~ :P


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