finished "super beginner" french class..

3 hrs every saturday for 4 weeks! i did it! finally finished the very first course of french language academy.. it's overwhelming though.. i understand upto chapter 8 of 30 chapters that we studied. we went so fast.. :( and i didnt have time to review and completely take time to understand and memorize them. i felt really bad last saturday bc we were completely clueless on the stuff we learned. i think my french teacher took it personally.. it's not like we didn't want to study.. :('' i have a week before the next course begins, i have to study super hard to catch up^^..


  1. ufta!
    that was intense!
    seems like it just started yesterday.

  2. it does, it felt like just a week ago when i was memorizing abcs in french..^^ kk


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