I'm def. an introvert. 

def. hands on, love doing things with my hands,

I def. keep my feelings introverted, feelings are too intimate to share,

but but but the last part gets me,

I'm a notorious daily planner, hourly, 8am=breakfast, 9am=.. so on..

but I also live day by day, no fun in playing for the future, it could end tomorrow.

but I also think about living my life comfortably at 65 and not worrying about working, therefore, my retirement plan is on now, and being revised always,

so I'm torn between the a P or a J?


but then again, how silly, to pinpoint just 16 personalities with billions of people...16?? yeah, its silly.

I'm always falling for these things.


that's why I love SAJU!! (4 pillars of destiny).. once you get into it, its amazing how many things can change and what and hows.


ok, MBTI was fun and naive of me to even consider.  I'm so much more complex than categorizing myself in just those 16 personalities.. 

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