where have i been

here, right here...^^ sorry for the lack of posts.. but im here!! still enjoying seoul and pursuing to live w sweets forever..

btw, our neighborhood cafe serves the best affogato~ so pretty and tasty!


pound cake

baked a pound cake for andrew's colleague's bday^-^

and next week, i have 2 bday presents to bake :) ahh!! :D


at a cafe in sookde

oh, i do not remember the name of this cafe... it's in sookde... it's a really cute cafe hidden behind the main street. cappuccino and americano, and pretzels!

(are we in art class? paper & tools to doodle on)

all finished and coffeed = happy!

sunday namsan stroll

i took a longer path and went around namsan library and up to the trails. it was such a perfect fall day. i love the foliage and deep colors.. i managed to pick up a few pretty leaves to remember the day~

(around namsan library)

(on the trail~)

(below the mt and street towards home~)

it was just the kind of day i needed. i took it easier and managed to do some "running-jogging-hiking" in between the stroll^^ i love days like this!

lemon chiffon cake

sweet potato and pumpkin are next^^


dessert time in Shinsegae Department Store (Kangnam)

after shopping and lunch... cappuccino & tiramisu, makes everything complete.

@shinsegae dept store (kangnam branch)


bitter sweet 9 - chocolate shop in Hongdae

at hapjeong, we were wandering around and stumbled across this small chocolate shop... couldnt just pass through it, look how cute it is outside. it was hidden around a corner in a more residential street...

i got shy around wanting to sneak a peek at the small shop.. ^^ but glad we went it bc we found the best hot chocolate~~

Korean fried chicken (Ichon-dong, Seoul)

after finding out how good chicken is for skin - packed with collagen~~~~~ im determined to change my meat choice to chicken..^^ they say wings are esp good for you...

so we had a set of "fried wings"(soysauce/garlic) at GYOCHON CHICKEN in ichon after work... good stuff..

beer & chicken is going to be a staple this season!

earl grey chiffon cake

ive been baking a whole lot this week and am getting so comfortable with chiffon cake!

after 5-6 failed ones.. i finally got the hang of it~ i want to perfect it :) they say it takes 10,000 hrs to perfect something.. im getting there..^^

earl grey chiffon cake i baked last night!


a whirlwind of 2 wks

i apologize for a bit of emptiness here.. sometimes it takes me a while to get back to the rhythm.. :)

so for that, here's a photo from the very last class in LCB..^^

this suits the occasion just perfectly! happy halloween!


Kyungbook palace

we had a visitor from home so we of course headed to kyungbook palace.. although its sad how little physical history we really have compared to other countries.. but i was thrilled how beautiful the palace was compared to the other times ive been there. the weather was perfect, not too warm/chilly.. and there were tourists and school children everywhere.. it was a good atmosphere despite being a little more crowded than usual.

we got a little closer to the big pond to look for any fish inside... but as soon as one showed up, others came as if we were going to throw them food.. ^^

so serene..

if you walk behind the pond, there is a garden area.. and a persimmon tree!! :)

we didnt go too far back bc the boys were getting tired of walking.. id have to go again to see more~~ i would love to have a garden as close as this palace one day..^^



(sitting on my lap!)

basic pastry le cordon bleu graduate here!! :D

there were some days when i didnt think it was possible for me to make it through the day.. but this experience i would not trade it for the world! i have proven myself that anything you put my mind in, you can do it do it! :) if i can do it, u too can go for what your heart desires! :P


treat for myself...

.. a box full of mini baby macarons!!! all for myself!!! :D

i picked these up in shisegae department store~~ you know, i was just browsing around.. but i just cannot get away without buying one sweet thing from there.. that very heavenly area of pastry & desserts... ;)

oh~ and the pleasure of buying the very last box even made the purchase so much sweeter!!


foret noire (black forest cake)

these were from few weeks ago.. however, i can't get over how yummy they were!

i will have to make these soon.. i keep telling myself that..but the problem is this! where can i get those cherries?!!

everything in school was provided and abundant, so i never realize how scarce baking ingredients are here.. ive seen the red ones, but not the dark ones... one thing about baking in korea is that getting the ingredients is like going treasure hunting... ^^..

kaldi coffee house (Hongdae)

kaldi coffee house in hongdae roast their coffee over charcoal..

this "special" coffee of the month/day/week (i dont know) was unique! it tasted like chocolate.. dark chocolate.. very dark and deep..

iced coffee also tasted like chocolate? whisker says^^

last bingsoo for the year...

("milk bingsoo" from shinsegae dept store in myungdong)

it was a really tasty one~~

the temperature has dropped quite drastically.. im a little nervous bc i hope it stays "fall" for a little while..^^ winter is a bit too long here..


Namsan Park - wkend workout

did some real exercising for the first time in forever.. we climbed/walked/ran to namsan tower.

a nice walk way and perfect weather!

view from half way up the mt.

we did the loopy loop walk way where many tourists were walking.. it was nice to see families out together.. was such a perfect day!

so i promised myself to keep this up! i forgot how good it feels to exercise!


Bangsan & Gwangjang Market (eats & shopping)

i love fall... the warm sun and the cool breeze... to me, fall is perfect.

we hit up BANGSAN market (where they sell bakeware-ingredients-packaging-everything really..for wholesale price).

the market is located along cheong-gye-cheon near JONGNO 5 GA station.


what a beautiful day to eat some ttokbokee, soondae.. and stuff in traditional market! that's what we did!

(soondae XXL size.. def much bigger than reg soodae)

actually, all the eateries are in GWANGSAN market (next to bangsan market), they sell street food (ttokbokee/kimbap/soondae..), noodles, jeon, meat sashimi(?), bibimbap..etc

(grinding "nokdoo" for jeon - korean pancake..)

the choice is yours~!

macarons... (Amandines in Anguk station)

im loving macarons.. need i say more?~


charlotte aux poires

oh this cake is my favorite. from lady finger batter molded into a cake and a cake cover on it~ it's like putting a robot together, except it's a cake! hehe.. i had a lot of fun making this one. and that pear flower on the middle is adorable, no? also one of my favorite eating cakes :P breakfast/lunch/dinner!! devoured all of it in 2 days or so... hehe

i love the pear mouse with carmelized pear chunks inside (not shown in this pic below.. it's hiding..)

(at home~)

(here's a pic from school)

had no problem finishing this cake!..
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