Kraze Burger - just okay burgers

Sure, craving a burger is totally normal! (when we I was in the "fat-consumption" conscious days) As I would tell my husband just a month ago, but now it's become me who's suggesting burgers for dinner!  Yes, people change.

burger korea seoul kraze

It's hard to find a good burger here.  There are a few known burger chains, like Kraze Burger.  It's everywhere really.  There's even one at the food court in Emart (Gongdeok branch).  But it's not really "food court" price friendly.  The burgers go for 7000won and up.  This is just for the burger.  

burger korea seoul kraze
they also serve other dishes such as this.. can't remember the name!

burger korea seoul kraze

Yes, it's a bit pricey.  And unfortunately, not good enough for the price to be fair.  To be more unfair, not all restaurants are consistent in quality.  A chain restaurant should be consistent in the quality of food.

So to avoid confusion and disappointment, I would suggest else where... like the McD's, which is actually "not bad" in Korea! (kidding not)

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