Cat tower on the street - Hongdae

One summer day this year, while strolling through Hapjeong/Hongdae area, we stumbled upon a cat tower right on the pedestrian street.  I've never seen such a sight.  I've seen dogs tied outside, but not 3 white cats tied to a tree/cat tower.

cat seoul cafe tower

More than awes, I caught myself confused.  At least the cats didn't seem to care and looked at peace.  Although this was the last time I saw this cat tower there.

I'm definitely happy about Koreans taking a liking to cats these days.  Koreans, unlike Japanese, are not as fond of cats.  But a recent enlightenment of "cats are awesome" craze has finally caught on.  I thank Hyori (kpop star) and those celebrities on TV who has showed how awesome they are :D

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