Japanese lunch box - Shinsegae mall

One great thing about Korean malls are that they have a whole floor dedicated to food & grocery.  The food selection is pretty good depending on what mall you are in.  I find Shinsegae Mall to be one of the better ones.  Branches are in Myungdong and Kangnam ("Gosok-Terminal station). 

These are bento lunch boxes from Shinsegae mall (gosok-terminal station).  It was a pretty tasty meal.  I remember the tempura and sides being pretty tasty.

If you want to grab a lil of this and that and get a few selection (Korean/Japanese/Indian/Chinese/western) in one meal, you can head to the food court area of the mall (usually the lower floor in the building).  It's a bit on the pricier side since most food are "specialized", but the quality will be pretty good.  

I like to visit the food & grocery area in the malls to get good quality fast food.  Don't forget the bakeries and pastry area too!  I think the Shinsegae mall in "gosok terminal station" (Kangnam branch), has the best selection for pastry :)   Definitely worth visiting!  I used to get my share of pastry there from fluffy Japanese cheesecake to macarons.   

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