the 20 of my 80/20 rule

We haven't had our normal "3 meals" since adapting to our new diet.  Since having been comfortable with eating when we're hungry and not by time of the day, we've been eating at the oddest times and oddest combo of foods.

This lunch for two adults consists of an energy drink, triangle bibimbap, tuna sandwich and spicy chicken bread, and of course coffee (Americano).  This was our pick up food since we've been running out of time and running an errand this particular day.  

We never really have a "full meal" like we used to. But it's made our lives easier.  Now, I don't have to worry about cooking "dinner" for the sake of having dinner.  I just want to eat when I'm hungry.  I don't feel the pressure to have a full dinner spread on the table anymore.  Freedom?!  Freedom from food more like.  

This meal below is an exception to our Paleo diet, 20% = stuff I want to eat.  Again, I never go by a definitive rule to stick to one thing 100%.. I'm never ever going to be a purist/perfectionist, that's one thing I can be sure about~^^  I just know that eating carbs when I'm really hungry is probably better compared to just over loading on them when you don't need to (like the pasta & bread combo).  Yes, I give myself a lot of exceptions when I'm hungry ;)

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