voila~ yum yum in my tummy

last day of puff pastry

whew.. puff pastry..

so it was our last day to make another batch of goodies from puff dough

(what we demoed and ate after 3 hrs of lecture)

(sniffing the good stuff.. )

(and my favorite one~ almond cream and apricot filling)


dear butter and dough

(rolling pin ready! flour ready!..)

hello there you. dough and butter. you give me so much pain when i have to roll you in 6 folds.. the first night, i suffered from a charley horse and never knew baking could give me such pain :P but i guess that's just the reality of the industry. a lot of physical labor but a lot of JOY(!!) at the end of it. but i do love you.. your yummy layers are just so endearing to my taste buds and my tummy. i just wish you werent so hard to make..^^;

come get em

about to devour a plateful of CAKE after lecture~~
(supposedly "fruit cake" in french is just CAKE!! i never knew)

and a good cup of tea comes with it as well^^

chocolate & raspberry tart with nougatine

the most complicated tart we ever had to make yet.

we baked everything from the chocolate tart to the chocolate nougatine deco on top~

the ingredients that goes into this tart is just exquisite. so much dark chocolate and raspberry brandy~ yumm yumm yummmm...

but just thinking about the process of baking this tart already makes me exhausted..^^;

my body aches by the end of the week and i am waking from charley horse at night..-.- (rolling dough is no joke! im serious...) i think school and work is wearing me out a bit.. and the heat does not help and carrying these delicate desserts home is not fun in the hot blaring sun~~ ^^;... BUT at the end of the week when i sit down and organize my notes and photos from school, i just can't help but smile at all the pastry goodies ive baked.. :)

lady finger biscuit

i never ever thought id be baking ladyfingers ever. until i came to pastry school.. i have so much appreciation for desserts/pastry now. so much more.



one of the prettiest tarts we made. taste as good as it looks^^

this pear tart was one of the easiest tarts to make too! and cutting the pears and arranging is all fun! but tomorrow is not going to be so easy.. or even fun.. (no no, pastry is all fun! :P)

im dreading it a lil.. bc we are making PUFF PASTRY dough.. folding and butter.. 6x! all by hand. eeks~~.. and dough is yet not my forte.. i kind of miss tarts now..

fruit cake

one of the cakes we baked this week.


and what i took home from class! we baked madeleine, fruit cake and "quarte quart with orange".

that's my nifty carry box~ all 3 goodies all fit nicely~

waffle factory

around "noksapyung" station,

small mini pancakes topped with some soft cheese and sweet blueberry stuff. i gagad over it then, but looking it now.. now not so much ^^ the presentation makes it look fancier than what really is :) not that it didnt taste good, but something you and i and anyone can whip at home! woot!!! (school is paying off slowly~... hah... i haven't gone to a dessert cafe to have desserts for a while now..just for coffee and atmosphere :P)


standing coffee

ive talked about "standing coffee" before. it's pretty much a coffee stand near our area. good coffee. i stopped drinking "sweet" coffee for a while (well unless it's good^^), but their chocolate mocha caramel (?) coffee got me back to that sugar coffee. i crave for it sometimes. yes it's sweet, but really good.

menu hanging on the post.

view from down here.
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