chocolate & raspberry tart with nougatine

the most complicated tart we ever had to make yet.

we baked everything from the chocolate tart to the chocolate nougatine deco on top~

the ingredients that goes into this tart is just exquisite. so much dark chocolate and raspberry brandy~ yumm yumm yummmm...

but just thinking about the process of baking this tart already makes me exhausted..^^;

my body aches by the end of the week and i am waking from charley horse at night..-.- (rolling dough is no joke! im serious...) i think school and work is wearing me out a bit.. and the heat does not help and carrying these delicate desserts home is not fun in the hot blaring sun~~ ^^;... BUT at the end of the week when i sit down and organize my notes and photos from school, i just can't help but smile at all the pastry goodies ive baked.. :)


  1. ufta! so pretty~~
    love the raspberries on top~~

  2. :) wish u could have had a piece+! u would have loved all the choco in it^^


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