me play golf?


my first time holding a golf club was in high school.  i remember how bored i was the whole time while my enthusiastic PE teacher taught us how to hold a club and thinking "this is stupid, ill never play golf anyway," praying for the class to end soon.

20 years or so later, my biggest hobby and interest is GOLF.  

never say never!  it really bites you in the arse.  

just yesterday, i was out on the sun in 100F degrees in hot Texas heat at 3pm practicing my swing, 2 hours of that and a fast round of golf to end the session. 

yes, life is indeed interesting.

now all i want to do is to practice more golf so i can play like everyone else out there in the club.   i cant wait for that day to come.  i cant wait for the weather to cool down so i can practice and play golf all weekend.  i sound like my husband...

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