foret noire (black forest cake)

these were from few weeks ago.. however, i can't get over how yummy they were!

i will have to make these soon.. i keep telling myself that..but the problem is this! where can i get those cherries?!!

everything in school was provided and abundant, so i never realize how scarce baking ingredients are here.. ive seen the red ones, but not the dark ones... one thing about baking in korea is that getting the ingredients is like going treasure hunting... ^^..


  1. OMG that looks sooooooo good!!

    can you send me some of your baked goods? jk..sort of

  2. gomawuh! ^^

    if only i could john.. if only i could... ^^ (mom sent baklava once and it arrived all in mold.. oh the tragedy..i dont want u to go through such dissapointment!!.. ^^ )


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