Summer 2015 is a hot sauna type of summer!

It's been so hot here in Korea this summer.  We've gotten "government text messages" to warn us about "heat strokes" and its dangers etc.. at least they are taking this more seriously than the more serious problem - "air pollution"(pm 2.5 - let's not even get started!). 

Anyways, it's really hot out!  Humidity is high and in Korea, many places are not as "cold" compared to how hot the weather is outside (Koreans like to stay "warmer" for health reasons).  Don't be surprised if a place is not as "cool" as it should be.  We Americans tend to get spoiled with cool temperature, I mean even in winter! :)

Keep hydrated.  Adjust to a slower pace and be aware that you will sweat a lot (or not depending on your body type) despite putting on your "scent masking" perfume/cologne on. 

To a happy cool dry rest of summer~

On a side note:  the heat always makes one more irritant than ever - be aware of "weary" citizens and perhaps your own altering mood.  I am highly sensitive to my environment, and I catch myself being grudge-y.  Not cool at all.

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