Ginger beer (Bundaberg)! Yummy!

Beer?! In a public place?

Hold your horses, it ain't beer folks!  Ain't that the beauty!

If you like ginger ale, you will love this!

We got this bottle of drink from Emart !  I was worried it looked like beer - but assured that it's not illegal to drink and carry alcohol in public here.  

Koreans don't drink and walk though.  

So I'll pretend for now because I'm double pretending on this one. 


  1. HI,

    Which Emart did you buy the Gingerbeer from?

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      This is from GONG-DEOK Emart! I have also seen it in some 7-Eleven stores! ;)

    2. Hey,

      Awesome! Thanks for the info!


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