It's chicken and EXO night - goobne chicken delivery

The weather is super duper gorgeous, so why not spend Friday with my favorite chicken and behold, EXO accompanies our evening munchies.  

Goobne chicken is another of our favorite chicken delivery chains when we feel like eating a healthier version because they bake instead of fry.  You might easily assume that baked chicken is drier - but be surprised because it's actually as juicy and tasty as a regular fried chicken without all that added oil!

Our favorite menu choice is "go chu Basasak" - it's battered in pepper spice and comes in 2 different sauces!

One is a mayo based, creamy flavor and the other sauce is a lot spicier and heavier in flavor, I think also mayo based. They are tasty pairings with the chicken and that's coming from a non saucy gal. 

I had a coupon for "free fried potato wedges" - potatoes and baked chicken in one!  It's a beauty!

We no doubt devoured it in no time.

Friday nights are nice with some of that good chicken!  Why go out and beat the crowd when you can stay in and eat like a barbarian chomping and dipping that chicken thigh piece like you were in an eating contest!  Now that's my kind of Friday night!

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