Tuna mayo and Kimchi with rice

Pop a can of tuna

Drizzle a slab of mayo on top 

Sliced kimchi on the side

With a bowl of warm rice

Korean food 

That's what's for dinner 

We don't always eat bulgogi and grilled meat and 20 different side dishes with our multi grained bowl of rice.

A generation of too busy or food is nutrition nothing else folks opt for non frill foods can perhaps see the logic on popping a can of tuna with kimchi and rice.  I could eat this everyday, okay, every other day.  The tuna can get a bit fishy when you eat this 3 days in a row.  I've tried.

Seriously, a good kimchi goes a long way.  I am preacher of kimchi saves a day campaigner.  You can eat it as it is, sauté it with tuna, make it into a fried rice... Oh the possibilities.   

Although you don't want to eat a tuna can everyday if you're on the health conscious side.  Anything too much is no good.  Even the too good to be too much can be harmful, you know where I'm going! Yes, water; even water can be deadly when in excess.
One thing I can't get myself to do that I used to was eat ramen every day - that's when I thought every food item was good for you if it was made to be eaten, oh how naive of me.  I was eating off scrapped frying pan, ramen a day, to keep my chemicals levels in check when I first came to korea when I was in my mid 20s, wow that sounds so young.

Now I can afford not to eat ramen and upgrade to tuna cans. 

Life can take you places folks!

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