First day in Nice, France - Grand Hotel du cap ferrat

Our once in a lifetime arrangement to stay at this hotel in Nice was nothing but bliss.  To the company and occasion that presented us nothing but unconditional love and care - it was a memory we will never forget.

Entering this hotel was almost a scene to a movie - with special attendants to tend to us.  They showed us the room briefly and left us to enjoy our first impression of our room. 

I think one of the more important rooms in hotels are the bathrooms - and as shown is nothing but delight. 

The bed and room screams - "come and fall asleep in the clouds."  What a great impression for this occasion we had ahead of us (sorry I shall not disclose what it was for privacy). 

Not pictured, but the closet was spacious enough to hang all my clothes back home and more.  

The toiletries are of Hermes say no more!

A great view I was looking forward to sinking myself into..

I could have eaten off of the bathroom.  Sorry that's so ghetto of me. 

That tub calls relaxation.

After settling in - couldn't help but get cozy in the king sized cloudy bed... Sweet dreams.  I could have spent the day sleeping and would have been just as happy.  

But we had lovely events ahead of us!

Getting out of our room after prepping out for our evening - a view of the hotel.

The sunset is coming and the lil park area with gentle trees whispers as in to say - "have a lovely evening."

What a beautiful relaxing place - delicate majestic nature 

Here we are ready for our evening!

And the celebration begins - day 1

After a great night celebrating a once in a life time occasion,

Morning comes.  Day 2.

The food is as shown.  

Breakfast is lovely and abundant.

I loved their fruit salad

Getting ready for day 2!

Taking in some air and beauty 

Day 2 ahead - more on that coming soon!

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