Looks like another gray covered day here in Seoul!


stay positive, be grateful

With everything going on with the world,

there's only one thing you can do.

be positive.

be grateful.

wakeup and live for today

as if it were your last day and the only day you knew.

How simple would life be if we didn't worry about tomorrow and the future.

Live each day with gratitude.

Don't give into the negative energy.

Don't get sucked in the black hole and hate.

Any kind of hate is hate.

It doesn't matter who or what it is for.

It's the same energy - whether that hate is for justice (for yourself and your country),

negative energy is negative energy no matter what.

I think the war these days is not another WWII, but a war against consciousness and energy control.

More and more people are giving in their energy with the media, the mass..

Take control of where and how you want to put your wavelength (like a radio) - because that's going to be the station you'll be tuning into.

And unless you change channels, nothing will change.

Take action.  Take responsibility for your own energy.

Nobody will save you, but yourself.

Instand pho and mandoo!

It's not actually homemade homemade!

But having this having this $1 per packet pho to whip it up in 10 minutes is pretty great!   This is my favorite instant pho I get delivered from Emart.  It has 4 packets (4 servings) in each box for less than 4000won.

It comes with the dry soup pack, hot sauce (I mix it with the "plum sauce"), and noodles.

This is the plum sauce I get from Emart.  It's less than 4000won for this small bottle - but it's pretty good.  I use to bring food stuff from the states to save from spending 1.5 times the amount - but it's not so bad these days.  More and more foreign foods are more avail and affordable than before.

Getting back to making the pho,

I cut up (or rip) cabbages - sometimes with onions, kale..whatever you have in your fridge - to boil with the water. 

And of course, MANDOO!!! Add 3-4 pieces to boil with the broth.

So just veggies and mandoo to boil.

It takes about 5 minutes or so for the mandoo to cook - once it looks like it has seeped in the broth - add the noodles and the "dry broth pack".

It takes few more minutes for the noodles to cook.  I don't like over cooking it too much - but that's just like cooking spaghetti noodles - it's your preference how soft you want it!

Of course, at best, it would be best to have local Vietnamese veggies, especially those hardly thick basil and cilantro!  Yumm - but you gotta make do with what you have.  

It's so simple and easy to make.

With veggies and mandoo - it taste good enough to pass as pho ^^  I can opt out paying 9000won or more for restaurant pho here in Korea for this instant/homemade pho any day.

When you live abroad long enough and crave some local food (not really local American) - you have to make do and get creative in your own way. 


Food from Houston, Texas

We were in Houston, Texas!  

Here are a few of my memorable food shots from that short visit!  

Filipino buffet!!! I LOVED every bit of it...

a cool Vietnamese food bistro!

And eating in ... ! (at the hotel)

What comfort good food brings!

Fireworks in October (Yeouido)

Sometime around the holiday after October 3rd - Seoul holds a fireworks event! 

The street across from us was holding a little festival of their own.

The guy on the stage is a comedian/host from a show called, "6 o'clock hometown show" from KBS.  It was a mini singing contest - mostly old Korean songs - it was nice to be in that festive energy.

We headed back to our home to enjoy the show from our window - luckily we caught it on time just after having dinner out.

The bridge was on fire!  All that work! 

It was a very impressive one this year - last year was also pretty nice - this year wasn't as bad either!  You can see the swarm of people from Youido walking over to MAPO station - I can't imagine how busy and packed it must be.

When there's an event in Seoul - you can bet it's going to be packed!  That's a guarantee ;)

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