I'm def. an introvert. 

def. hands on, love doing things with my hands,

I def. keep my feelings introverted, feelings are too intimate to share,

but but but the last part gets me,

I'm a notorious daily planner, hourly, 8am=breakfast, 9am=.. so on..

but I also live day by day, no fun in playing for the future, it could end tomorrow.

but I also think about living my life comfortably at 65 and not worrying about working, therefore, my retirement plan is on now, and being revised always,

so I'm torn between the a P or a J?


but then again, how silly, to pinpoint just 16 personalities with billions of people...16?? yeah, its silly.

I'm always falling for these things.


that's why I love SAJU!! (4 pillars of destiny).. once you get into it, its amazing how many things can change and what and hows.


ok, MBTI was fun and naive of me to even consider.  I'm so much more complex than categorizing myself in just those 16 personalities.. 


me play golf?


my first time holding a golf club was in high school.  i remember how bored i was the whole time while my enthusiastic PE teacher taught us how to hold a club and thinking "this is stupid, ill never play golf anyway," praying for the class to end soon.

20 years or so later, my biggest hobby and interest is GOLF.  

never say never!  it really bites you in the arse.  

just yesterday, i was out on the sun in 100F degrees in hot Texas heat at 3pm practicing my swing, 2 hours of that and a fast round of golf to end the session. 

yes, life is indeed interesting.

now all i want to do is to practice more golf so i can play like everyone else out there in the club.   i cant wait for that day to come.  i cant wait for the weather to cool down so i can practice and play golf all weekend.  i sound like my husband...


so what does your wife do?


 "what does your wife do?"

 "shes a home maker"

"oh i see"

"she used to this that and this and maybe this later." 


just tell them i don't like to work.  you make enough money for both of us, tell them the truth. 

what's the point of having a career and job when it gives me ulcers.  im much happier at home.

 sometimes we just have to be honest.

life after the cvirus


life has been different since 2020.

here are some things,

  • eat out a lot less
  • cooking a lot more 
  • eating less sugar and having less sugar cravings
  • playing golf more
  • health as number 1 priority
  • relationships are number 2 priority
  • increased energy and joy

most of these changes came effortlessly because once restaurants closed in the very beginning of the pandemic, we had to cook.  

then cooking became enjoyable and fun and nutritious, therefore, we both had less sugar cravings.  

healthier diet gave us more energy, therefore, i started learning golf and my husband plays golf 3 times a week now.   


to play golf, we have to keep fit and healthy - stretching, walking, eating well.  all of this combined made us happier!  therefore, we are putting health as our number 1 priority over everything else, including sleep as well. 

it's becoming an all around effect.  one thing leads to another.  it's pretty addicting.  i never knew until now how good it feels to be healthier and stronger.  

despite the downturns after 2020 and the notorious c-virus, im so thankful that we have turned this event for the positive for us.  

 we are thankful for everyday we feel good and healthy.  


why i left Korea


2016 was one of those years I will never forget.

After being in  Korea for almost 10 years, that summer of 2016, we were looking for our way to go back home (US), for good.  And that Fall, we bought a house in Texas.  My husband's company sent us to the states and we said goodbye to our life in Korea in December, 2016.

Sometimes things just happen, just because.  I had no plans to go back home for good in 2016.  But by the mid year, i was done done done with Korea.  Maybe it was the terrible air pollution that was really bugging me for a few years, or simply, just simply, i was really DONE with it all. 

I came to Korea when i was 24, young and bold, craving for the adventure of city life in Seoul.  Ten years later that.. I had my fill of it.  it was fun.

But what hit me so fast without a plan (i always had a plan!) was that i wanted something more stable and secure(moving every few years in Korea was exhausting to my soul), I craved land, a house (not an apt with noisy neighbors)..some fresh air and trees of my own..  everything i wanted was so different with my current life then.  i wanted something different, very soon.  



guess you can never say never.. sometimes you just have to listen to yourself.  

and now here in the states for almost 5 years, we couldn't be more thankful for our life here in Texas and what we experienced in Korea.  Because of Korea, we're so appreciative of our American life and also the Korean life and what we've learned being there for almost a decade.  

But overall, I've learned to just listen my soul, it's really has been a compass for me.  if you're ever wandering whether to do this or that, just do what you really want to do.  life is really very short but the regrets of what ifs drag a lot longer.  

sometimes what your soul tells you can be scary and wrong, it seems like the worst idea sometimes, but there's always a reason for it all.  and learning to trust that, your decision and that journey is the key.  ive finally finally gotten to understand that. 




ube topping and hookers

"this ube topping is okay.."  as my husbands glares over his choice of cream puff with ube topping on it

"yeah it didnt look good, i knew it wouldnt taste good"

"yeah i know..but i wanted to try it anyway"  he always wants to try it anyway,

"would you get with a hooker?"  i say,


"see, why try something when you know its no good anyway"  

me and my husbands conversation over a too sweet ube topping on a cream puff from Beard Pappa...  because sweet and sweet is too much sweet.


2021, first post


it's 2021 already.


2020 felt like a life time.


so many changes, mostly good for us actually.


the metal/water energy of 2020 was actually good to us (fire and tree).

"four pillars of destiny" (SAJU, in Korean), has been my compass lately.

it's made me understand the differences in people and energy.  respecting it and giving it time.

I notice I dont like to share too much anymore.

it's also in my nature, but I also realize that the more I know, the less I want to share..

my posts are becoming boring and bland, hopefully I can find a balance.


balance, that's it.


aren't we all trying to do just that.



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