why i left Korea


2016 was one of those years I will never forget.

After being in  Korea for almost 10 years, that summer of 2016, we were looking for our way to go back home (US), for good.  And that Fall, we bought a house in Texas.  My husband's company sent us to the states and we said goodbye to our life in Korea in December, 2016.

Sometimes things just happen, just because.  I had no plans to go back home for good in 2016.  But by the mid year, i was done done done with Korea.  Maybe it was the terrible air pollution that was really bugging me for a few years, or simply, just simply, i was really DONE with it all. 

I came to Korea when i was 24, young and bold, craving for the adventure of city life in Seoul.  Ten years later that.. I had my fill of it.  it was fun.

But what hit me so fast without a plan (i always had a plan!) was that i wanted something more stable and secure(moving every few years in Korea was exhausting to my soul), I craved land, a house (not an apt with noisy neighbors)..some fresh air and trees of my own..  everything i wanted was so different with my current life then.  i wanted something different, very soon.  



guess you can never say never.. sometimes you just have to listen to yourself.  

and now here in the states for almost 5 years, we couldn't be more thankful for our life here in Texas and what we experienced in Korea.  Because of Korea, we're so appreciative of our American life and also the Korean life and what we've learned being there for almost a decade.  

But overall, I've learned to just listen my soul, it's really has been a compass for me.  if you're ever wandering whether to do this or that, just do what you really want to do.  life is really very short but the regrets of what ifs drag a lot longer.  

sometimes what your soul tells you can be scary and wrong, it seems like the worst idea sometimes, but there's always a reason for it all.  and learning to trust that, your decision and that journey is the key.  ive finally finally gotten to understand that. 




ube topping and hookers

"this ube topping is okay.."  as my husbands glares over his choice of cream puff with ube topping on it

"yeah it didnt look good, i knew it wouldnt taste good"

"yeah i know..but i wanted to try it anyway"  he always wants to try it anyway,

"would you get with a hooker?"  i say,


"see, why try something when you know its no good anyway"  

me and my husbands conversation over a too sweet ube topping on a cream puff from Beard Pappa...  because sweet and sweet is too much sweet.

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