Moss Cafe & mochi ice cream & coffee (Ichon-dong)

Do you like ice cream?  How about ice cream wrapped in soft rice cake?  in different flavors?

seoul cafe mochi ice cream coffee ichon
yummy mochi ice cream (chocolate & banana?)

seoul cafe mochi ice cream coffee ichon
mochi ice cream power

seoul cafe mochi ice cream coffee ichon
the ice cream doesn't stay cold too long - eat them fast!

This cafe serves mochi ice cream and my favorite waffle and ice cream with berry compote :)

If you're in the neighborhood - def worth the visit for a cup of coffee and some sweets.
However, their coffee is nothing too special - it's of ILLY coffee.
But their waffle & ice cream is definitely worth stopping for.

LOCATED:  Ichon(line 4) station, exit 4 - walk straight out until you see a intersection and cross the road towards the 7-11 and walk toward your left and a few steps down, the cafe will be on your right.

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