Palazzo gelato ice cream (gongdeok emart)

We often get a cup of Palazzo ice cream as a "reward" after grocery shopping.

Because grocery shopping in Korea can be pretty hectic (especially on the weeknds) - people, crowd and bargain hunting.  To me it's exhausting. 

My husband knows what I like.  He always knows how to make me & my belly happy.
Right now, this "rice" flavor is my favorite and becoming his too.

It has chunks of rice - gives it a nice chewy texture - almost like a frozen rice pudding.  

They give 10% discount in Palazzo if you show your receipt of purchase from the "food court".  

Gongdeok Emart's food court is on the upper floor and has School food, Kraze Burger and a Japanese casual food (I don't remember the name..).  

The most popular one is School Food that serves fancy kimbap and casual Korean food.  

It's a bit more expensive, but tastes pretty good.  It could be a tad cheaper.  Cheaper would always be nice.

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