Wine SALE at Emart(Gongdeok) - how to buy cheap bottles of wine in Korea


There is a huge wine sale at Emart(Gongdeok branch)!

Our staple bottle - Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon is on sale at Emart (Gongdeok) for the lowest price I've seen for 11,000won (which is around $9.99 in the states).

you can ask the wine sales clerk to wrap it if you are lugging your grocery home

The sale runs untill the 12th this month(if my memory serves me right), but also until they sell out (whatever that means) - as I was told by the sales person.

There are varieties of wine on sale right now.  A good time to stock up :)

How to get to Emart - Gongdeok branch:

Get off Gongdeok station - exit 7.  Walk straight out and cross the little cross walk (you will probably see an Emart traffic controller).  Emart entrance is at the first floor of the building you will see as you cross the side walk.

  • To use the cart - insert a 100won coin into the coin slot and pull chain out - you can retrieve your 100won when you return the cart and plug the chain back in.  
  • Bring your own grocery bag.  They will always ask you if you want a bag at the counter upon paying - I don't know how much it is exactly - but you have to pay for grocery bags in most grocery stores in Korea.
  • You can't bring visibly over sized "bags", or other shopping bags with you into the store (a normal purse/bag is fine).  There are lockers near the entrance to store them away. 
  • Get discounted ready made food(chicken/sushi..etc) after dinner time - as they will be marked down :)
  • Don't be fooled by 1+1 = check how much(ml/g) and expiration date.
  • But do look out for 1+1 deals!  They have some great ones out there (cooking oil, red pepper paste, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste..)

Anymore questions?!  Email us at contact@seoulcafes.com

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