Saturday playtime with kinect

We're old farts when it comes to Saturday nights. The "going out on a Saturday night" is not usually in our to do list - we usually like to do the opposite - stay in, cook and avoid the crowd :)

We tried something a little different tonight and decided to open up a new game my hubs brought from us of a, called "leela". It's quite meditative and addicting.

We usually don't play the kinect as much as we should - it's a good way to move our behinds while staying indoors.

the graphics and colors

shooting fireballs

in action

I really like this game.  I can't quite call it a "game" really... it's a mix of yoga - meditation - and pilates.  Well sort of kind of maybe.  

Anyways, if you like any of the things I mentioned, this "game" is fun :)  I also felt some "burn" on my stomach and hips after a few plays!  good stuff!

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