ttokbokee - MUK SHUI DONA (Samcheong-dong)

Ttok-bok-ee.. however you spell it in English, is Korean of all the Korean food.

It's what pops up in my head when I think back from my childhood in Korea...I would save my 100won coins and get a "cup"(literally in a paper cup) of this spicy goodness - it was the perfect treat that was worth saving up for. 

It's a food reminiscent of childhood to most Koreans - still being enjoyed by grade schoolers to which continues to adulthood and on..

It is filling and spicy and sweet.   It's perfect for a snack or a whole meal.. like this big hot pot of ttokbokee

You can pretty much add anything - really anything - to it. 

You can have it in a stick(grilled spicy rice cake version), a cup,
or shown here - in a huge huge hot pot boiling right in front of you.

You cannot stop eating it.  Once you go ttokbokee - you go ...


One of the popular places for ttokbokee is located in the bustling area of Samcheong-dong, called MOK-SHUI-DONNA (I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to be spelled).

It's a strange name for a Korean word anyway because it's supposed to stand for
MOK=eat, SHUI-rest, DON-money, NA-leave.

So it pretty much means just that.   

eat, rest, money(pay) and leave!  

At the end of finishing the big pot, don't forget to save some of it to mix it with rice and voila!!!

ttokbokee flavored fried rice~~~

This concoction is very Korean... meaning - you gotta have it.

you have to know when and what to save (or not eat) in the hot pot so you can get the best mixture of rice and goodies...They mix it all in - they do their thing.  Don't worry, no cooking involved here, they will cook it in front of you - quite intriguing to watch actually.

LOCATED in samcheong-dong.
Tucked in an alley.  Use handy dandy map(Naver Map!) and type address below.

Tel#  02-723-8089
Address:  서울 종로구 안국동 17-18

if you need anymore help, ask or email us at contact@seoulcafes.com

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