Antibiotics-free eggs - really do taste different

My husband came back from the us of a couple months ago and raved how much he missed eating Korean eggs!  He says how the eggs back at home had no taste what so ever.  There's a good reason though, because we've been sticking to "antibiotic-free" eggs. 

beautiful eggs~

 After having bought so many "off eggs" from the "regular eggs" in Korea, I've taken special interest in buying antibiotic-free eggs.  And they really do make a difference!

CJ "freshian" eggs - got this on sale at Lotte Super!

The eggs are very fresh.. the yolk is of dark yellow - sometimes "orange" - and will stay on top of the "whites".  A solid egg - not runny and watery.

Korea now has a good selection of "antibiotic-free" eggs.  

this one comes in a nice carry box

I don't have "the one" that I religiously buy - but I stock up on whatever is on sale - because the prices can vary time to time.

This "box of eggs" is about 5000~won that was on sale at Lotte Super(market).

look for the "green apple" sign for "free/organic" products

It seems like a whole lotta eggs!  But we eat about 2 eggs minimum everyday for each of us - that totals to at least 4 eggs per day for my husband and I.

If you want to hear about my change in "diet" - I can tell you that eating more "good fat" has been giving us good energy through out the day - especially starting of the morning with 2 eggs, slather of butter on toast and often with plain yogurt and honey!  We eat a hearty breakfast every morning (my husband and I both work at home - so this is our start of the day to keep our energy from slouching!)

***extra reading: on why we're not worried about eating eggs & cholesterolhttp://chriskresser.com/5-reasons-not-to-worry-about-your-cholesterol-numbers

We have been also eating less, about 2.5 meals a day since our breakfast keeps us going until 3pm and we usually eat an early dinner around then.

Having to eat prepare and eat less food has been good on our wallet.  I've also had to put less effort in "feeding our hungry bellies", which has made us pay more attention to actually doing more things because I'm not worried about what to cook next because it's "dinner time".  We try to listen to our "stomach time" when it growls~^^

Anyways, getting back to eggs - "antibiotic-free" eggs are no hype!

They really do make a difference.  The richness and taste can't compare to regular eggs!

Prices vary, but they're worth the little extra wons.  I always try to stock up on these eggs when they go on sale :)

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