Angel-in-us Coffee & caramel bread (Gongdeok)

I had a very bad experience with Angel-in-us couple years ago.  I told the barista that the cappuccino sucked (not literally) and I was told to just drink it for what it is.  That's what I get for being a customer and speaking my mind.  I had a fit with him and since then avoided Angel-whatever coffee chain.

coffee seoul korea angelinus gongdeok lotte hotel
2 Americanos & caramel bread combo for less than 10,000won

But here I am talking about it --- probably going to be a positive post because the "caramel bread" on the photo looks pretty good, right?

Okay, so here we go~

It was a rather cold, very cold night, and I had to warm up before I literally froze.  It's so cold in Korea right now!

So I dragged my hubby to the Angel coffee chain in Gongdeok (Lotte Hotel building).  My hubs cringed, he knew how much I hated that chain - but I went in anyway.  I put my ego away and gave in.

coffee seoul korea angelinus gongdeok lotte hotel

We got an Americano and I was feeling brave and adventurous and forgiving, so I went for the "caramel bread".

To sum it, I was happy.

I was happy to have hot coffee and a pretty decent "cafe grub".  It was pretty perfect.  And I was warm and getting cozy.

coffee seoul korea angelinus gongdeok lotte hotel

I can't say much about the coffee - it still is stale and watery to me.

The caramel bread was pretty good though - it's 3000won with a purchase of a drink.  It could use more syrup and whipped cream, but the bread itself was tasty and soft. 

But I didn't complain about the "blah" coffee  - I have to be thankful for what I get - and it's the holidays after all.

coffee seoul korea angelinus gongdeok lotte hotel

Happy holidays!

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