rice & kimchi in stock - winter ready

Something about the winter brings back rice and kimchi back in our routine.  As much as I claimed to want to stick to the "paleo diet" - it's not working out this winter. 

10kg rice - online buy - for less than 20,000won

I live where rice and kimchi is indeed is a staple - no matter how much I want to deny it. 

fits all in the 10kg rice container
never forget the "rice bug repellant"
tucked in

 we're now officially ready for winter.

& behold the ever staple of staple, kimchi.

You can do so much with kimchi.  When it's fresh like this - you can have it as a side dish - a refreshing spicy salad.  

And when it starts to get more sour - it turns into a soup, braised with pork, or sauteed with rice.  The possibilities...

I ordered a 10kg kimchi online and didn't realize how much 10kg of kimchi is..

it takes half the space of our mini kimchi refrigerator - yes we really do have one, which came with the apartment when it could have should have been an oven instead.  

But I'm not complaining now because at least our refrigerator no longer reeks of kimchi every time we open it! :)

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