LAZY CAT cafe - Hongdae

who knew HAPJEONG had cute cafes?!! :)

hongdae cafe seoul cat cute

here's a cafe called LAZY CAT~

hongdae cafe seoul cat cute

hongdae cafe seoul cat cute

first week of school

(i devoured 3 slices of apple pies in one sitting. there's always a first for everything!)

only first week in Le Cordon Bleu pastry program and i am loving it already! it feels like home~..where i really belong.

i enjoy the practice days more than the demo/lesson days, it's so much fun being in the kitchen with super caring and helpful staff and chef "teacher", he really gets hands on and teaches us all the techniques individually. i am loving every moment of it ^^



my first class in LCB "Patisserie de base" is next tuesday! :D im ready!! so ready!!! bring it on pastry!!! :D


"jan-chi gooksu"

the weather has cooled down this weekend.. i used to crave the "summer" noodle dishes in Korea.. (bibim nengmyun..) but i could really go for this simple noodle right now.. usually eaten in colder weather?! (or maybe just us :P)

....janchi guksu (my short cut way..)

1) prepare the toppings (sauteed carrots & zuchini? (hobak), simple egg omelet..)

2) prepare anchovy broth

3) cook "somyun" noodles.

4) put together; noodles - broth - toppings
(add shredded toasted seaweed and kimchi as desired)


elections day - holiday

everyone was off, except me. i had to go to work bc i work for a private academy..booboo.. so i was dreading to go to work today.. you know, it's sunny out and id rather play!! but i only had to work for 2 hrs, so surely it wouldn't be bad. and it wasn't bad at all, not a bit painful, but enjoyable! i havent felt so good about working for a long long time (it's a good thing bc i havent worked for half a year?). maybe bc i only worked for 2 hrs today (and it's only my second day), but i got off work feeling really great! lalala~ like i have it all~

after work and dinner at home, we went for a stroll and picked up an ICED CARAMEL CAFE MOCHA to satisfy our sugar crave (well, really my craving) at this coffee stand called STANDING COFFEE! (how appropriate - well, it really is a to-go coffee place) really good coffee! we're becoming quiet coffee snobs for our worth :P but if you want coffee there, you have to be patient. they don't give a hoot about how long the line is, they take their sweet time making coffee the right way :P you can watch them make your coffee in front of you (no hiding behind - it's on a side - so you see everything!) it's nice to see how it's made and how much milk those sweet ones have!! maybe im not really lactose intolerant after all..^^
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