elections day - holiday

everyone was off, except me. i had to go to work bc i work for a private academy..booboo.. so i was dreading to go to work today.. you know, it's sunny out and id rather play!! but i only had to work for 2 hrs, so surely it wouldn't be bad. and it wasn't bad at all, not a bit painful, but enjoyable! i havent felt so good about working for a long long time (it's a good thing bc i havent worked for half a year?). maybe bc i only worked for 2 hrs today (and it's only my second day), but i got off work feeling really great! lalala~ like i have it all~

after work and dinner at home, we went for a stroll and picked up an ICED CARAMEL CAFE MOCHA to satisfy our sugar crave (well, really my craving) at this coffee stand called STANDING COFFEE! (how appropriate - well, it really is a to-go coffee place) really good coffee! we're becoming quiet coffee snobs for our worth :P but if you want coffee there, you have to be patient. they don't give a hoot about how long the line is, they take their sweet time making coffee the right way :P you can watch them make your coffee in front of you (no hiding behind - it's on a side - so you see everything!) it's nice to see how it's made and how much milk those sweet ones have!! maybe im not really lactose intolerant after all..^^

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