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tamarind candy

no that's not what you think it looks like...

it's one of my favorite sweets, candy?

tamarind...really really yummy :)

I should have stocked up when I was home (US).  I only got 2 small bags of these and they are gone (of course).


Wakayama, Japan

A late post. 

Food pics from our visit from 10.2014 to Wakayama-shi in Japan.



oh yeah...

this is why I am good without having children!


They make lives so complete :)


Krispy Kreme is the best

Krispy Kreme is my favorite...

I miss this.  Original glazed HOT HOT HOT.

It tastes like cotton candy..hot sweet melting cotton candy.

(from US)



oh hey moms

we're good no worries

just keeping bro warm


2015 men hair style

Not just because I love EXO, I think this is the style for men for 2015.

I became a hair person now since my husband is :P  He got me into going to a salon to pamper myself. 

I saved these photos from my phone!  credits to whoever belong to.

I got my husband's hair to be like "Sehun".  Thanks to our awesome hair dresser.  It required a "perm" to wave the hair in easier.  Our stylist is a master hair magician.  She is located in "HANS" hairshop in COEX mall :)  You can ask for the head hair dresser, she's the best!

What hair fits your man? :)


Litter robot in Korea, cat costs and pet care

The cost of having a pet in Korea was one of my concerns before we pulled the trigger and had Jack and Mason (as if I gave birth to them! hah..)

They are of Abyssinian breed, which was a total of 800,000won for both of them in a pet store (I know..) in Daejeon(we were there for a concert and not to buy a cat...two cats).  It was an unexpected "destiny" purchase.  As ashamed of I am for buying them at a pet store.  There are few events that you can't really explain logically.  As soon as we saw them, I knew they were ours, our babies.

But obviously, you can get them much cheaper at a shelter here.  There are many.  One of the famous one in Seoul is, NABIYA cat shelter.

Cat food is about averagely twice the price(USD).  There are many selections online.  I try to avoid corn as the main ingredient.  It's not what they're supposed to eat you know.  Their wet food is also twice the price compared to the states. 

But there are a few Korean cat food brands that are of cheaper price.  I like to check the main ingredients and see how much fat it contains.  You might have your own preference on what's good for your fur babies, so I know mine as well.  The boys likes their "grain free duck"(Natural Choice) the best (sadly it is out of stock a lot!) so I end up mixing and trying different brands.

freebies and cat toy

The doctor visits aren't as expensive as the double cost of pet food.  Their vet shots would be around 30,000won and visits would be less than 10,000won for a minor check up.  We are lucky in having a really great affordable vet around here.

To neuter them costs about around 250,000won - I don't remember the exact amount now... But it varies through out clinics.  I would recommend going to a reputable experienced vet because we had a horrible experience with Mason having an open incision(internal) that we didn't realize until it burst a week after their surgery... :(  and that was another doctor visit, about 70,000won to stitch him back up... it was a really scary experience for me, but everything is good now.   Unfortunately it's not as cheap as going to SPCA and such...but it's not too bad when you find a good vet.

So I would highly go to a rep. vet. 

Other than that, it hasn't been expensive as I imagined.  The "cat hotel" costs can rack up though if you have to have them taken care of while you are overseas or away.  It's averagely about 35,000won a day nowadays.  You can also have a friend look out for them, which I think is the best for the cats.  

Please think about the whole life time care and experience in having pets.  They are like babies to us - really like infant babies.  Because of these boys, I haven't had the "baby itch"(?) at all. 

To make our lives tad bit easier:  here's LITTER ROBOT.
checking out the bot

We splurged a bit and got the LITTER ROBOT earlier this year.

It has made our lives much easier.  Lazy humans?  Let's say, we like to be time efficient?! :)

It spins around to discard poops in the bottom bin.  It has a greatsensor that works well and recognizes when a cat is inside or not.  We change this bin only once a week and it actually has saved us on litter cost too.

I got this for 740,000won here in Korea from an official Korean distributor of Litter Robot.  It's twice as expensive as the states.  It been worth the monies though.  It saves us time on changing and cleaning the litter.  Over time, I think the convenience makes up the for the price tag.

It took about 2 weeks in total to get them totally used to it.  We had to do some disciplining and many "no no!" to get them used to not touching it while it spins it cycle.  But they've been good so far.  Only Jack touches and play while it spins with it once in a while when he is bored out of his kitty nostrils.

One big reason we got this robot was for our time away.  The bot can take care of their poopy duty for around a week for two cats.  Food and water is easy.  There are so many automatic feeders nowadays.  Last time, we had our good friend visit them every so many days and the litter robot did the dirty job.  Our friend just had to come in 3 times for the two weeks we were away.  He just had to clean the box twice (throwing poop bag and putting new in).

So it saved us on "cat hotel" costs then.  And easier for the cats too, since they are not leaving their comfort zone. 

As for flying them, I hear that cats are much easier than dogs.  To fly them to USA(mainland), You need rabies vaccination (and proof paper from vet) and health cert 10 days before flying date.  Just those two things.

You take these two forms to Incheon Intl Airport on 2nd floor where they translate the forms for you.  And take the forms to your check in counter.  Make sure you call the airport way ahead to check for any other requirements and to double check everything.  You always want to make sure.   Again, these requirements might change anytime, please do your research and not rely on this info alone ^^

I hear there is also a service that ships your cats overseas via air cargo.  I haven't used them, but I hear about it online.  You can check them out here.  They can deal with you in English as well.

So far our babies have made our lives so much more enriching.  We giggle and LOL everyday because of these guys.  And because they are of "hyper active breed" - they never stop being curious and kitty-like.

I would def. recommend the Abyssinian breed to any cat lover that came to tire of "lap cats" that do nothing much but eat and poop and eat.  I love cats, but sometimes, they can be a bit of a bore when you had enough lap cats in your life and want a lil excitement and can't get a dog yet.  The Aby breed is great then ;)


View from 28th floor

It's amazing what a difference a house makes.  Or even a subway station away makes.

We moved only one station away and our lives are SO much better and happier already!  There are so many things to list to why things are much different and better now.

First of all, I don't feel "stuffy"!   at all!  I can look out our living room and see the blue sky and clouds.  No building blocking the view.   I don't feel "cooped up" now.

Our neighborhood feels humbler, more people friendly from the "high nosed" community we were living in.

Just because we were in a "famous name brand" apartment complex, our old neighborhood felt so snooty!  You can just feel it in the air.  FYI:  I am an empath that feels energies.  Look it up online if you are one!

The difference in our new place is that, since our apt building houses small to very large homes (differ in prices), nobody acts like they're better than the other.   I haven't gotten that feeling or felt the energy.  There's a mix of classes (not that it matters), but you can feel the "variety" and somehow, it feels much warmer here.

I hate to say that the environment makes a difference, but it does.  Sure, you can live somewhere not so great and feel great too.  But it makes it so much easier to feel a "happier warmer energy" where you are living.

Already, we are loving our new home.  We haven't heard any neighbors talking next door (yes, we used to hear our neighbors talk, not that we were trying).

This building we are in was constructed in 2004, which most Koreans know, the older apts have better, thicker walls.  hah!  Our previous apt was built in 2011..and you could hear pretty much everything (babies crying, fighting couples, calling their dog,...etc etc..).

BIG LESSON:  live only in "older" apts.  I'm not sure what the cut out year is.  I heard that the recent govnt allowed a huge leeway on regulations on wall thickness, building law, etc... etc... so the newer apts aren't always great.

I haven't had the need to cook!  We have restaurants in our lower floors!  So much variety and cheaper too!  I couldn't describe how awesome it is.  And they're not just "blah food" places either.  So thankful.

We have grocery store in our building.  And they have great fruit selection and decent prices.

Our building is connected to the subway.  No walking, busing home.

Our neighborhood has great restaurants just behind our building is the "restaurant street".

Because of this new home, we are appreciating Seoul more and more.

Amazing how my perception changes just like that.

I tell ya, the only constant thing is CHANGE.



Goob-Ne Chicken: review of "pepper flakes" chicken

Ordered "goopne chicken": Gochu basasak! 16,000won!  It came in a nice box set.

chicken, 2 sauces, radish pickles

It doesn't look as appetizing at first.  BUT BUT, 

came w 2 diff sauces

It tastes amazing!!! I've had my share of chickens here... But this one is really tasty! 

The "pepper flavoring" on the chicken really spices the flavor up!  It's a mild spiciness.   

 Also love love the 2 sauces that came with it.  They both tastes great w the chicken.  One is pepper tasting, the other is more of a spicy mayo taste.  Really compliments the chicken, but good even without the sauces.

oh so juicy

The chicken itself is really tasty to begin with.  It's "baked", so it's not as greasy as other chicken places.  It was very juicy and had no "chicken meat" taste or smell at all.

I am really impressed with this chicken place.  I know that not all chicken chains, even of the same kind, serve the same quality of food.  Sadly, it does depend on the restaurant itself and not the chain.  That's the down side to the Korean chicken chains - not as consistent - hopefully it's getting better - we'll order more then!

We're really happy we found this one.  This is in DOHWA-dong (mapo-gu).  

This set came with the sauces as shown and radish pickle and a small can of soda.  Pretty good for 16,000won!

I would order this again.  Very soon.

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