The good life

oh yeah, they're passed out.

our boys have the good life.


Exo xoxo

Oh my... Who knew a boyband could change my life.

Well, kind of.

Because of EXO, I feel "younger".  Like 16 year old giddy girly young feeling.

No, I don't have the "hots" for the EXO members.  I respect them so much for the hard work they put in their videos, perfs, albums..etc.  You can imagine how much these guys work.

I respect the boys so much.  Considering the youngest member is 11 years younger than I am..heh!  It's more like an adoration for the boys.  I haven't liked a boyband like this since I was actually a teenager!

Who knew a boyband could make a 32year old lady feel giddy and happy.  Which means more "happy hormones" floating in my body to make my immune system healthy and strong = in turn cells younger and happy healthy mind and body! (nerdy me!)

And I'm so thankful for that!  Who cares how you're supposed to feel and act.  Age is really nothing but a number.  

I stopped counting my age, nor do we (my husband and I) celebrate our bdays, bc it's really just a number.  Once I reached 28, counting my age felt unnecessary.  It even feels forced to celebrate it. 

So 30year olds, let the Kpop boybands make you feel giddy and young.  Because feeling like a 16 year old girl is good for you (in turn your health, vitality, soul).

We adults, stopped acting with our hearts.  We think of how to act according to what society makes us think we should act.

Forget all that.  For now, I feel like I'm 16!

And that's all good with me :)

And here's to my favorite EXO member:  Xiumin (Minseok)
giddy giddy happy happy

Another set of online plant purchase

 After settling down to our new apt, mission one:  get more plants to fill up the space.

They arrived and are beautiful!

it says "live plants, please take caution"

wow, excellent packaging!!

plant intact

Jack sniffs.  Those are freebies of plant food!

oh laid out to be repotted

Jack sniffs

These plants were about 2500won each.  It was super super cheap.  And only 2500won shipping free. I am very happy with the purchase.

Just look at the packaging!  And it arrived the next day I ordered them.  This is why I love online shopping in Korea.  You can get great things at great price and service.

My plant purchase this time were 7 in pots in total.  All very healthy.  It's been 2 weeks now and they are thriving! I will be ordering more from them soon.

I have about 50+ potted plants in our home now.  I have this tendency to fill a sun lighted  area with a plant.  I have to slow myself down.  It's like an addiction.

One of the reasons I hesitate to travel much is because of my plants...sigh.  My cats, oh they're fine by themselves (jk), but my plants need TLC everyday.  That's the only downside to having plants.  You have to look after them like babies (over exaggeration).

With the air quality in Seoul (and most cities), having plants at home helps, also great for sucking up the heat during summer and gets it warm and moist in winter.  You can't go wrong with having plants! :)

What to wear to a "black dress event"

Ohh.... what do you wear to a "black dress event".  I looked it up.. since I don't know much about this kind of "dress up stuff".

It says pretty much anything goes for women, it just depends on the occasion.  You can show some skin or not.  Wear mini dress or long.  It's up to the lady!  But it just makes things so difficult for me. 

Especially when you don't really want to stand out for not being dressed too down or up...  I personally am not that "dressy" to begin with...so I put a few things together that would fit my life style/sense.  ***I like to dress down on most occasions.  I don't like to wear colorful makeup, or pretty much wear no makeup.  I don't like to show too much skin.

(credit goes to the photo owners)

Black or bold color?  Either one looks great!

classy style:  Han Ga-In

subtle "dress up"

or suble "dress down" to an event

 with that face of hers, she can do no wrong!?

Han Ga-In is so pretty!

 I personally love this style on her.  She looks so natural and pretty!  so so so very pretty.  I even like her undone natural hair, just tied back like that.   But she pumps it up with black nail polish.  That's styling!

It's so hard for women!  Oh the choices...



coffee break


a hidden message in my coffee cup :)

credit:  spirit science

business(prestige) class in Korean Air

curry chicken meal... banchan and salad served first

prestige (business) class in Korean Air to US from Korea is nice because you get to relax for the long 13~14 hour flight.

An honest review of them... would be that, they have the prettiest flight attendants(yes they do!), but their quality is not consistent (in service/food). 

One time their steak was rubbery.   I would never order steak again.

Another time, I got a "trainee" attendant that made constant mistakes... not getting my food on time and her service was not as professional. 

The last time I flew with them, they had "chicken curry meal" that came with banchan & salad (cheese/tomato) served first.  The chicken curry was okay (nothing to write about), which came with a side soup (and I think it was seaweed soup).  I don't remember it well, but enough to remember how strange it was and it must be for the non-Koreans to have curry meal with seaweed soup.  Strange combo (esp with the salad!)

I also do not like how they bow and say welcome/goodbye to each passengers personally (individually).  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  I would rather be left alone than have 2 attendants bow and put on that forced smile (awkward!).   And they can never seem to figure out whether to speak Korean or English to me.  It's been 50/50 ^^

However, their seats aren't bad at all.  You have to get used to them -because it's not like a real bed, but a flat chair.  I don't really pass out or sleep as long as people would assume.  I use that time to just mediate and to try stay in the time zone I am going to.  It's helped with jet lag so far.  Esp with almost half a day of difference when to US - Korea.

Until next flight.. we'll see if they get better food.  BUT their cookies were pretty good last time!! I'll give them that :)


Exo is bringing back the 90s feel with "Call Me Baby"

I can't believe I am listening to Kpop again.  And for that, Exo.  Yes, Exo.  I never got into their music, even with the famous "growl" song. 

I'm in my early 30s jamming to their newest song, "Call Me Baby".  Age ain't nothing, but a number!

Their music video and song is bringing me back the good feeling of early 2000s(Nsync?!) when I was in high school...or even back to the good old Kpop days along 1997-1999 with the solid Kpop boy bands like HOT, Shinwa Fly to the Sky..etc.

I love the whole video.
The dance, music, and even their hair and outfits.
I really adore and love this song + choreography!

I was "not loving" Kpop recently(for a while actually) because it was getting to "dark"(illuminati?) and too sexy for my taste.  It didn't make me feel "happy feel good".  And that's what music is supposed to do right?  

I hope SM sticks to this concept and music for Exo :)   I find that recent Kpop has been really too westernized - there is a lack of "Korean" pop music - but more like "Western pop music in Korean".  I really miss hearing all the old style Kpop feel music.  It's been hard to find it lately.  But Exo's newest song is making me feel optimistic about Kpop again.

This could be a classic song for them that one can listen to years and years later.  As a matter of fact, I still listen to many old Kpop groups, like SES, Fly to the Sky, FinKL, As One..etc., to make me feel "good" and happy :)  I listen to my old Kpop jam whenever I need that happy energy.

Still to this day, some of the earlier SM music sounds really great.  What happened to those producers?!  1999 was the golden Kpop era.

Anyways, I hope SM sticks to making more "feel good" music like this.  I'll be watching out for more Kpop now.

my forever feel good happy jam:  SES - "I Love You" MV (1998) 

when Kpop was actually really really cute innocent and pure and happy and stuff... sniffles...

FinKL - Waiting For You


bittermelon in Korea

Bittermelon and Jack.

Korea uses it mainly for medicinal purposes. 

There are a few Filipino dishes that turns this bitter vegetable to an edible dish =)

However this was a seasonal purchase, since I bought so many ^^

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