life after the cvirus


life has been different since 2020.

here are some things,

  • eat out a lot less
  • cooking a lot more 
  • eating less sugar and having less sugar cravings
  • playing golf more
  • health as number 1 priority
  • relationships are number 2 priority
  • increased energy and joy

most of these changes came effortlessly because once restaurants closed in the very beginning of the pandemic, we had to cook.  

then cooking became enjoyable and fun and nutritious, therefore, we both had less sugar cravings.  

healthier diet gave us more energy, therefore, i started learning golf and my husband plays golf 3 times a week now.   


to play golf, we have to keep fit and healthy - stretching, walking, eating well.  all of this combined made us happier!  therefore, we are putting health as our number 1 priority over everything else, including sleep as well. 

it's becoming an all around effect.  one thing leads to another.  it's pretty addicting.  i never knew until now how good it feels to be healthier and stronger.  

despite the downturns after 2020 and the notorious c-virus, im so thankful that we have turned this event for the positive for us.  

 we are thankful for everyday we feel good and healthy.  

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