at home: wine and dessert

i still very much do enjoy visiting cafes and cute little spots, but nothing beats being home~ seoul can be pretty hectic (more so on weekends) and expensive to say the least (especially coffee & dessert).

my latest baked good was a "japanese cheesecake". it's a very fluffy and light, but not so light on ingredients cheesecake. i found a great recipe online!  the hard work pays off at the end.

we indulge in coffee or wine that my hubhubs tries to stock up when he can.  wine is definitely more expensive in Korea, we try to get them only when on sale or in the duty free shops. 

Emart has great sales on house wines sometimes, so keep your eyes out for them.  they are getting cheaper i think.  it helps stocking up on your favorite ones when they go on sale ;) 


Korean grapefruit!

I ordered a box of grapefruit(5kg) which only costs less than 6000won from Gmarket(where else~). They. Taste. Great! I had my doubts. First of all, it's pretty cheap for a foreign fruit here. And grapefruits to me have been a hit or miss. The same batch of grapefruit would taste different. Some sweet and sour and some just bitter and hollow...
So far these have been very juicy! and taste sweeter than being bitter.

Oh and to make life easier in Korea, ordering things(groceries-food-necessities) online helps. I find it much cheaper online (with sales, +discounts +card discounts) and say much more convenient than hauling things back home :).


Hongdae : Playground

how fitting for Hongdae :)

at a playground in Hongdae "flee market" park, also called "hong-ik-gong-won", or "hong-il-children's park".

oh it's not a huge park at all~ but it's a fun place on the wkends where flee markets and performances are held. 

there was one a very confusing act when a man was patrolling a naked female mannikin (and touching it erotically) while a band was playing. we thought he was part of act/band, but later realized that he was definitely not any part of it.

it gets pretty interesting in hongdae. people dont look the same. you will see more ripped clothing/piercings/colors compared to the other "areas" of seoul, like SHINSA. shinsa and hongdae are two very different areas.

but i find that very appealing about seoul.  there are different "areas" with all different personalities in this city.  itaewon being a "multi cultural" area, kangnam as the "young crowd" area, non-hyun-dong being the "salary men" area, apgujeong as the "im all that" area, hongdae as the "free spirit artsy" area....so on~  and these areas change over time and new "areas" emerge as well.  Shinsa being one of the newest one.  Hongdae has stayed as the artsy area for a while now and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.  Some know it for the "clubs" at nights, but it is a different place during the day time.  You will find cute cafes hiding somewhere around the corner~  it's a nice place to get lost~ 

You can get off at HONGDAE, HAPJEONG or SANGSU station to explore the "hongdae" area.  it takes about an area of 3 subway stops.  Again, don't be afraid to get lost~~ Seoul is safe and it's not as big as it sounds.  But if you end up getting lost, you can get a taxi and get back to where you want to be safely.  Taxi fares are not expensive btw.  So get your most comfortable gears on (shoes-outfit) and take a walk around "hongdae" area~~ that's how you really get to see the city~^^

Baking: chocolate molten cake

bake away

hubby helped me with the whipping of the egg whites~ it helps~ since we do everything by hand and do not own a mixer (i want one, i do~).. but it's not so bad "working up a sweat" before devouring these rich desserts.. after baking, im a bit more cautious on what goes in these sweets. there's a lot more butter and sugar that goes in than you might think ;)

Itaewon: BETWEEN - restaurant & cafe

sometime around almost 2 yrs ago in Itaewon at a cafe/restaurant called BETWEEN.  i remember it being pretty empty around afternoon bc it was a holiday sometime in the fall.  im thinking it was "chuseok~" (i have a not so good memory)..  itaewon was our old hangout spot when we lived around the area.


Seoul Finance Center: Ya Kun coffee

since moving to Gongdeok area, hubby and i have been venturing out to Gwanghwamoon area for an easy day out. we find SEOUL FINANCE CENTER MALL a very nice place to relax. they have casual and upscale restaurants and of course, cafes, all in one area. We have yet to try the many good looking yummy restaurants there.

To find out more about SFC Mall;


One of our favorites, Ya Kun coffee & toast :)

Gwanghwamoon station, exit 5. Keep walking straight out(2mins) of exit until you see an underground entrance to your left. Walk down to the mall.
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