[2cents] Angelina Jolie's message

This topic is long due, but I have to say this,

I don't applaud Angelina Jolie's action.

She's trying to be a "heroine" for women to be "brave" and mutilate their body in the name of "prevention"... to give off a message that,

"breast cancer is so hopeless that the best way to prevent it is to take them out" - how harsh and ignorant!

She's running a scam for the medical field against women... it's really mind boggling!

If your family has a history of brain cancer, would you take out your brain to reduce the risk?

*** Cancer they say is hereditary, but much of it is due to the fact that families live in the same environment, stress(life style), habits, eating habits, food, and nutrition.

If more became aware that optimal nutrition, avoiding toxins, positivity (mental health), moderate exercise and optimal oxygen supply to body parts in our body is the key to preventing cancer, it's not scary because you have all the control.

Do you know how long it takes to survive without oxygen?  Umm - not very long - seconds?  minutes?  Cancer is when cells become "sick" due to many factors as stated - the main, "lacking oxygen" and not being able to to replenish and regenerate itself.  When cells are sick, they stick together (mass) - become abnormal.  

All the fear and propaganda that cancer is hopeless is destructive - it allows the medical field to take control of your health(life) - to make you feel helpless. Who does that?! Let's be aware and make decisions for our health - time to take your health seriously. Let no one tell you you have a so and so chance of a disease! I hate seeing the "chance statistics"! Take control and prove the number wrong.

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Vegetable oil is the one to blame

My latest craze is "health and nutrition" - although, I've been always been keen about health since I was younger...  I remember buying a book in middle school on garlic and health - a colorless gray dull book in Barnes and Noble - when  a fashion magazine which would have been more appropriate for my age then. 

And I'm still going - it's an endless learning experience and trials.

The latest, vegetable oil is bad.

First of all, how is vegetable oil made you should ask..

Well, it's not quite simple as making olive oil and natural either.

The process is hugely complicated (under stated).. so much goes in to make "vegetable oil (canola, grape..)" - which kills any nutrition and actually becomes harmful for us - our bodies are smart enough to work with it, but only to an extent.

Back in the old days, canola oil and "cooking oil" did not exist - we cooked with olive oil or lard, animal fat.   Doesn't that tell you enough?  The latest and newest thing isn't always the best.

We are to believe that butter is bad - when actually margarine is the one to blame.  A good natural butter has so much more nutrition than margarine!  It's also natural compared to the "fake chemical oil".

By the way, we need fat, good fat.  And we need cholesterol too - but with moderation (that's the key to everything it seems..)  I will talk about how fat/cholesterol is not bad for us on a later post. 

We need to ask more on where and how are foods are made.  If I can't  make it without a machine - I'm not eating it!

It's not too difficult to wean off the conventional "cooking oil".  You can start by sauteing your meat/veggies with water or animal fat.

Yes, "animal fat" is a  healthier choice compared to the petroleum based synthetic fake oil (I feel betrayed!)

For now, try weaning off that fake oil. 

Eat more butter and natural oil (olive, coconut oil).

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First watermelon of the year!

If you live in Korea, you're most likely aware on fruit prices here - it can get expensive...:(

Watermelons - even in season right now are around 10,000won and up!  Luckily, our grocery store had them for a good price and it looked so fresh!

Looks were not deceiving this time!

It must have been the tapping I did to check it - but I got lucky - this was has been the best tasting watermelon yet!

I've had some of the best tasting apples and strawberries in Korea.

I can't tell you why - maybe it's close proximity to the farms - compared to fresh produce in the states in big grocery stores - I remember watermelons tasting just like water... 

scraps - food for the worms

I haven't been much of a fan of watermelons - due to its price and size (and taste) - but it's the new outlook I have lately that's making me appreciate seasonal goods!  Fresh produce in Korea tastes much much better! 

You can guess we are going to be having lots of watermelons this summer!  ;)


[2cents] Take off your bra!

I hate wearing bras. 

I hate how it makes me feel so uncomfortable.

I usually do without one(I work at home) - so anytime they get on - I hate how it feels "unnatural" on my body.  And I'm not a fan of unnatural and uncomfortable things.

After doing some research - I'm starting to learn more about the importance of "good circulation" throughout our body.  When an area doesn't get enough oxygen and  blood flow to flush out the toxins - build up over time becomes "trouble". 

I'm a believer in prevention, good health and nutrition.  I'm not a risking my health for "style". 

You can start off by wearing them less, buying looser breathable bras and massaging your breasts and inside your armpits (lymph nodes) everyday - if it's sore, keep massaging it to release pressure/buildup.  Don't be scared to touch and feel your body - it's yours!

My conclusion is;

Bras suffocate - much worse if you wear a tighter style and wear it all day.. I always prefer to do without one = thankfully I don't need much support...TMI.. but when I do - my bras are loose fitting and taken off ASAP!

So ladies, let your breasts breathe and give them some love and care! 

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[update] My worms are doing fine :)

I'm raising earth worms - yes worms :)

They're doing just fine :)  Their house has gotten small for them, so I did some "house moving" for the guys.  I received another smaller box of the kind that I like for their house (free of course) - just in time for their move!

The photos look deceiving because the process of "cleaning the house" is not as pretty - it can get quite messy, but fun :) 

Cleaned up their poopy matter on the bottom (it clumps together like clay!) and fed them to my beloved trees and plants - right in time for my very needy guava tree (it's growing so fast!)

It's also gotten a lot warmer now, so I moved them inside the house.  They used to reside in the balcony.

The smaller house sits in our kitchen floor and the big house in the laundry room.

I used an "onion bag" to make a little breathing hole.  I don't have to leave the top open like I used to.  This is actually a better way for them - it keeps a lot of the moisture inside.

I feed them fresh food scraps except orange peels and so since it can get acidic for them - also no meat or bones - unless you want those pesky bugs and stinkiness!

Why am I raising earth worms?
  • They eat the food scraps
  • They poop out fertilizer for my plants
  • Playing with dirt is therapeutic and good for health! 

So far so good!  I kind of dreaded the summer season thinking their house might get too stinky!  But it isn't at all!  As long as you avoid meat and bones and such, it smells actually pretty good - like a rainy day!

I don't get too smell much "nature" living in Seoul - this is my way of reconnecting with the earth ;)


Gongdeok landmark - Lotte Hotel & residence

It's directly connected to Gongdeok station and has Lotte Super (grocery store) in the basement of the building, which is also connected to the subway station.

Lotte Super is a smaller grocery store that carries fresh produce, meat and such.. They also have a few vendors inside, like a hotdog/sandwich/coffee eatery and a Japanese ramen/food vendor inside the grocery store.  If you're looking for affordable fast food, you can check these out if you're in the area.

The building also has Paris Baguette (bakery, cafe), coffee shops, and Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese restaurants in the lower floor.

I suppose this hotel would be nice to stay in bc it has all of the necessities you would need in one building - also has health clinics and drugstore on the first upper floors.  The location is also nice in that the "airport bus" stop is right across the street.  It is also in the center of Seoul - Myungdong, Insadong, Jongno are a minutes drive away.

No, I am not trying to sell the hotel :P

My only complaint about this area is that it is "nature less" - I would like a mountain behind :P  too much to ask right?!  Other than that, it is a very safe place to live in.  You can feel safe walking at night since most of the stores/buildings are unoccupied by night since they are office/public buildings.

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