[2cents] Angelina Jolie's message

This topic is long due, but I have to say this,

I don't applaud Angelina Jolie's action.

She's trying to be a "heroine" for women to be "brave" and mutilate their body in the name of "prevention"... to give off a message that,

"breast cancer is so hopeless that the best way to prevent it is to take them out" - how harsh and ignorant!

She's running a scam for the medical field against women... it's really mind boggling!

If your family has a history of brain cancer, would you take out your brain to reduce the risk?

*** Cancer they say is hereditary, but much of it is due to the fact that families live in the same environment, stress(life style), habits, eating habits, food, and nutrition.

If more became aware that optimal nutrition, avoiding toxins, positivity (mental health), moderate exercise and optimal oxygen supply to body parts in our body is the key to preventing cancer, it's not scary because you have all the control.

Do you know how long it takes to survive without oxygen?  Umm - not very long - seconds?  minutes?  Cancer is when cells become "sick" due to many factors as stated - the main, "lacking oxygen" and not being able to to replenish and regenerate itself.  When cells are sick, they stick together (mass) - become abnormal.  

All the fear and propaganda that cancer is hopeless is destructive - it allows the medical field to take control of your health(life) - to make you feel helpless. Who does that?! Let's be aware and make decisions for our health - time to take your health seriously. Let no one tell you you have a so and so chance of a disease! I hate seeing the "chance statistics"! Take control and prove the number wrong.

photo credit: The PIX-JOCKEY (no comment, just views) via photopin cc

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