First watermelon of the year!

If you live in Korea, you're most likely aware on fruit prices here - it can get expensive...:(

Watermelons - even in season right now are around 10,000won and up!  Luckily, our grocery store had them for a good price and it looked so fresh!

Looks were not deceiving this time!

It must have been the tapping I did to check it - but I got lucky - this was has been the best tasting watermelon yet!

I've had some of the best tasting apples and strawberries in Korea.

I can't tell you why - maybe it's close proximity to the farms - compared to fresh produce in the states in big grocery stores - I remember watermelons tasting just like water... 

scraps - food for the worms

I haven't been much of a fan of watermelons - due to its price and size (and taste) - but it's the new outlook I have lately that's making me appreciate seasonal goods!  Fresh produce in Korea tastes much much better! 

You can guess we are going to be having lots of watermelons this summer!  ;)

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