Vegetable oil is the one to blame

My latest craze is "health and nutrition" - although, I've been always been keen about health since I was younger...  I remember buying a book in middle school on garlic and health - a colorless gray dull book in Barnes and Noble - when  a fashion magazine which would have been more appropriate for my age then. 

And I'm still going - it's an endless learning experience and trials.

The latest, vegetable oil is bad.

First of all, how is vegetable oil made you should ask..

Well, it's not quite simple as making olive oil and natural either.

The process is hugely complicated (under stated).. so much goes in to make "vegetable oil (canola, grape..)" - which kills any nutrition and actually becomes harmful for us - our bodies are smart enough to work with it, but only to an extent.

Back in the old days, canola oil and "cooking oil" did not exist - we cooked with olive oil or lard, animal fat.   Doesn't that tell you enough?  The latest and newest thing isn't always the best.

We are to believe that butter is bad - when actually margarine is the one to blame.  A good natural butter has so much more nutrition than margarine!  It's also natural compared to the "fake chemical oil".

By the way, we need fat, good fat.  And we need cholesterol too - but with moderation (that's the key to everything it seems..)  I will talk about how fat/cholesterol is not bad for us on a later post. 

We need to ask more on where and how are foods are made.  If I can't  make it without a machine - I'm not eating it!

It's not too difficult to wean off the conventional "cooking oil".  You can start by sauteing your meat/veggies with water or animal fat.

Yes, "animal fat" is a  healthier choice compared to the petroleum based synthetic fake oil (I feel betrayed!)

For now, try weaning off that fake oil. 

Eat more butter and natural oil (olive, coconut oil).

photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry via photopin cc


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