health log for 2014

my body amazes me on how it works and fails me at times.

2014 health/food log:

butter, root veg soup, baked sweet potatoe
  • I crave and eat butter, fat, lard, innards - much needed for hormone production..etc. 
  • I watch out for "cold food" because it shocks my stomach and slows down digestion (I am a "cold body" type). 
  • I am compatible with "warm foods" (chicken, ginseng, root vegs, warm soup/tea...)
  • I have a highly sensitive stomach (anxiety/stress triggers indigestion).
  • I watch out for additives(food).
  • I drink water when I'm thirsty (not chugging it just bc).  It dilutes my stomach acid.
  • I am not scared of "sugar", but don't crave it as much (occasional chocolate cake, yes)
  • I watch out for "processed food"(choco pie stuff).  I snack on baked sweet potatoes.
sweet sweet potatoe

butter stocking up

  • I love a good gyro.  lamb, beef, pork. give it to me, yes please.

  •  I do short intense workouts at home.  I swing around a 12~16kg kettle bell around for 10~20mins until it gets tiring.  
  • My reason in working out and gaining muscle is so that I can eat mcd's breakfast (seriously, they are pretty good in Korea).

 and occasional coffee and ice cream

 it's pretty much called balance...


to a healthy & tasty life!


produce delivered

beets & potato delivered
what are these mommy?!

not interested


beet kvass: clean your insides

ever wonder how your liver is doing?  what the heck does is do?!

Weighing in at around 3 pounds, the liver is the body’s second largest organ; only the skin is larger and heavier. The liver performs many essential functions related to digestion, metabolism, immunity, and the storage of nutrients within the body. These functions make the liver a vital organ without which the tissues of the body would quickly die from lack of energy and nutrients. Fortunately, the liver has an incredible capacity for regeneration of dead or damaged tissues. http://www.innerbody.com/image_digeov/card10-new2.html#full-description

it does a lot of things.  ok, so pretty much you need a healthy liver for good health.   paying attention to your liver is not just for the alcoholics.

solutionbeet kvass

what the heck is it?!  it's fermented beet drink!   for liver cleansing (good for body, skin, mood, stamina, libido, energy...etc).  it's potent good stuff.

order a big box of beets online and gather some salt (and some cabbage and onions, your preference), 2 TB salt per 3 med size beets.  chop them pretty big(half your palm) so they don't float.  add filtered water with salt enough to cover (I don't really measure).  let sit until it turns dark color.

drink 1/4 cup a day.  liver cleansing. good stuff.  eat the beets too (pickle it!).

day 1

day 5

the first few days tasted horrible!  salty stuff!

by day 5, when it started to darken and get foamy on the top (skim if off before storing in fridge, it won't kill you to eat it), it tasted pretty good!  like wine (well vingary, salty, earthy wine..)

well, it's good for you.  look it up on why I even bother to make this.  you won't regret it.

it's one of those secret hush hush cheap super veg that they don't want you to know ;P

results:  my skin has cleared up (dry weather, hormonal..stress).  I have more energy!  I drink it because I crave it.  my hubby is scared to drink it bc it makes him go potty so fast (not diarrhea).  so much to say.  but you be the judge.   the first few days I was drinking and eating the beets, I went potty 4~5 times in one day!  it was def cleaning me out... (no more buying those expensive yogurt drinks!)

tip:  I use to leftover beets to make pickled beets (some say to throw it away, gasp!).

my pickling recipe is 1:1:2 (apple vinegar, sugar, water).  add some bay leaves, red pepper flakes(1 tsp), whole pepper(1 tsp), anise seed(for flavor) - all in pot till it boils.   pour liquid over vegs(beets, onions, broccoli, carrots..etc).  let sit on counter till cooled.  in fridge.  it's sweet, sour, and great :D 

I find that I eat more pickled vegs in winter because there isn't an abundant source of fruit/fresh vegs.  I am trying to eat more seasonal lately.  I guess I am not finding mangos and papayas as exciting to eat in winter now - I would rather indulge on a freshly pickled seasonal carrots and it's cheaper too!


the day after christmas

Things today

plants - i talk to them

they get a view

please grow...

carrots in season

persimmon that won't ripe...

hibernating kittehs

grow lights on for the night

grow light for my plants bc we don't get enough sun :(

I love those guys - air filter & humidifier

broken chipped glass jar turned into a humidifier

humidifier #3?4?

carrots pickled with garlic

how did your day look today?


Koreans beauty secret - pooping well!

I finally found a yogurt drink that works, and works works works really well!   

beats all the other yogurt drinks out there.  price:1400won
about 14g of sugar, 3g protein

I took a drink of this bottle this morning and before lunch, I'm cleaning it out.  After the deed, I physically feel lighter, and my dinging light headache is gone too!

I had my share of "yogurt drinks" out in the market that states of "release" - but none of them worked until this one!  You can actually feel your stomach churning and working to pile the "garbage" out to "a great release" :)

The body never lies.  When trash sits in your body too long, it does affect you negatively.  For me, I feel "heavy" and sluggish when I wake up, and I also get a light headache.   This is something I'm finally understanding about my body.  It's talking to me and I'm finally reading it.

Koreans aren't shy about this topic.  A Korean actress said that her biggest beauty secret was "Kwe-byun": it means "awesome-pooping", or to put it mildly, "great release".   Koreans are on the right track here.   Less toxin in body means greater overall body image (skin, glow, hair,..) and better mood too.

My hubby and I aren't shy about it either.  Our conversations would be, "Did you poop today?"  - "How did you poop today?"  We know how important it is to throw the "bad stuff" out of our body.  One of our health dos: poop well, really well.

There's a lot of topics on what to put into our body, but not as much as how to "release" bad stuff out of the body.  All that you put in has to come out somewhere, right?!  I read that you can carry up to a few pounds(kgs) of poop with you... yuck!

I sometimes think about what I'm putting in my mouth in dinner - and think I better churn this out ASAP!  Let's start thinking about that.  Where does all that stuff you eat go?  And why are you feeling so "not so good" lately.  No?

We have to be extra super healthy to battle the pollution here.  For one, the air pollution here is getting ridiculously disgusting.  Even my brother from the states who visited a few weeks ago actually felt the difference in the air one day when it was up to 120+ (The norm is about 20).   He actually stopped working out (outside) and came inside the house to avoid getting any sicker.  Yuck!  And we started wearing our masks outside when the air got upto 100+.

It's vitally important to stay healthy in this age.  We're combating a lot of pollution (air, additives in food and products, radiation and wifi..etc etc..).  

So yes, poop!  Poop well so your body can get rid of the toxins that sits in your body that is just making you sick, sicker by the day..

*TMI, I go about twice a day.  And that's my normal.  When I don't go twice, I know I have to look into my diet and correct it.  A simple steamed brocolli/beet/vinegar/lemon salad does good for the body (any fresh salad!).  I also started drinking ACV(apple cider vinegar) from my brother's tip to keep my digestion in good shape (about a tablespoon a day in total, or add to food).

There's a lot to learn and do to stay in top health.  At the end, without good health, you can't do anything!  Nothing.

photo credit: Jiuck via photopin cc photo credit: chotda via photopin cc photo credit: kurichan+ via photopin cc


Gratitude Friday

Thankful friday..
young Jack

* Beautiful warm sun shiny mornings that lights up the whole house

* My plants (especially Mr. Tree) getting their much needed sun today

* Caressing and touching my husbands warm strong hands...I admire how strong and beautiful they are.

* Big warm tender hugs from my hubby

* Waking up to all the freedom to do what I want

* Being warm and healthy after not feeling so good few days ago

* Having laughs and giggles from Jack and Mason.  Their antics are too funny and cute.

* Our warm cozy apartment

* Being able to taste fresh food better.  Boiled potatoes never tasted so good.  Boiled carrots too!  Dipped in a bit of sea salt - everything tasted heavenly.  Over seasoning is a crime when the ingredients are this tasty to begin with.  I am thankful for being able to appreciate and taste food for what it is.

Season of

It's ๊ทค season!

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