Gratitude Friday

Thankful friday..
young Jack

* Beautiful warm sun shiny mornings that lights up the whole house

* My plants (especially Mr. Tree) getting their much needed sun today

* Caressing and touching my husbands warm strong hands...I admire how strong and beautiful they are.

* Big warm tender hugs from my hubby

* Waking up to all the freedom to do what I want

* Being warm and healthy after not feeling so good few days ago

* Having laughs and giggles from Jack and Mason.  Their antics are too funny and cute.

* Our warm cozy apartment

* Being able to taste fresh food better.  Boiled potatoes never tasted so good.  Boiled carrots too!  Dipped in a bit of sea salt - everything tasted heavenly.  Over seasoning is a crime when the ingredients are this tasty to begin with.  I am thankful for being able to appreciate and taste food for what it is.

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