Hi again!

It's been a while!  a few new things going on, like moving to a new home (a mile away) and trying to get our first house rented!  We've been busy diy-ing all the house work - it's taking a ridiculous amount of time!

So in less than two years, we have two houses!  That's what happens to life I guess.

It's a drastic change from just where we came from in Korea - living in the concrete jungle of Seoul minus the jungle part of course, we hardly had any green space to call our own, except my indoor plants I called my babies that we adopted out to friends back in Korea.  They are doing well they report.

So now my morning consists of getting out the backyard to tend to my baby, a pool, yes a pool!  I figured out my own tactics and ways to take care of this baby.  Sometimes it screams for chlorine, other days, borax, and on rare occasions, some baking soda.  so much has changed, but all is well.

And not to mention, we just visited Seoul few weeks ago!  Those stories and many more will be up.

I missed writing here and I'm glad I got my sense back, that blogging is a good thing for me (not sure about you, the reader).   Okay, let's get it on!
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