Bangsan & Gwangjang Market (eats & shopping)

i love fall... the warm sun and the cool breeze... to me, fall is perfect.

we hit up BANGSAN market (where they sell bakeware-ingredients-packaging-everything really..for wholesale price).

the market is located along cheong-gye-cheon near JONGNO 5 GA station.


what a beautiful day to eat some ttokbokee, soondae.. and stuff in traditional market! that's what we did!

(soondae XXL size.. def much bigger than reg soodae)

actually, all the eateries are in GWANGSAN market (next to bangsan market), they sell street food (ttokbokee/kimbap/soondae..), noodles, jeon, meat sashimi(?), bibimbap..etc

(grinding "nokdoo" for jeon - korean pancake..)

the choice is yours~!

macarons... (Amandines in Anguk station)

im loving macarons.. need i say more?~


charlotte aux poires

oh this cake is my favorite. from lady finger batter molded into a cake and a cake cover on it~ it's like putting a robot together, except it's a cake! hehe.. i had a lot of fun making this one. and that pear flower on the middle is adorable, no? also one of my favorite eating cakes :P breakfast/lunch/dinner!! devoured all of it in 2 days or so... hehe

i love the pear mouse with carmelized pear chunks inside (not shown in this pic below.. it's hiding..)

(at home~)

(here's a pic from school)

had no problem finishing this cake!..

happy chuseok!

from finishing school last week and having this break and holiday.. it feels good :) really good! to finally catch a breather and RELAX... ^-^

relax time means, coffee time... :)

at our neighborhood cafe, jeje

the lovely cafe lady owner gave us complimentary seconds!

i missed their coffee.. actually has been a while since we visited jeje ^-^ their coffee never disappoints us~

mainly staying busy playing with our new cellphones, iphone4~~ hehe... it is the best~~~~~ (and i am not tech savvy..but this is the greatest ever! heh..) now im realizing, how did i ever do with out it?!...... ^-^

jeje's mascots?.. . froggie says hi and goodbye


MOSS cafe in ichon (mochi & coffee)

moss cafe has become our resting spot after we get off work (its open till midnight). it's usually pretty busy and we get lucky finding one or two seats empty, but even if it gets too loud, this cafe is different bc it's usually the locals hanging out, so it feels pretty homely :)

we picked out some mochi-icecream (banana/chocolate?) and americanos^^

fancy smancy

from choux pastry demo class.
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