MOSS cafe in ichon (mochi & coffee)

moss cafe has become our resting spot after we get off work (its open till midnight). it's usually pretty busy and we get lucky finding one or two seats empty, but even if it gets too loud, this cafe is different bc it's usually the locals hanging out, so it feels pretty homely :)

we picked out some mochi-icecream (banana/chocolate?) and americanos^^

btw, one of my fave places in seoul is "dong-bu-ichon-dong". it's like a lil suburban community away from all the busy streets of Seoul. during day time, you will see momsies with their fancy strollers (they just look at ease and at peace -which is hard to see here..), or you will see cute lil half koreans or japanese kids walking/running to wherever they may be late for.. i do like the quiet lil spots in seoul..^^ but my favorite places do change again and again. (which i love about this city, it's always changing~)

oh about the mochi icecream! it's pretty good! a bit sweeter than id like it to be, but pretty yummy! btw, their waffle set with coffee is the best! no pics yet, but def. one of the best waffle/icecream dish we had so far! yumm~

location: ichon station, exit 4, walk straight until you see a stop light, cross it and walk left, pass 7-11 and on right you will see a cafe~


  1. such a dare devil you are! with your late night coffee consuming habits :) LOVE mochi! and i love those expensive strollers too :)) if i purchase one, will you push me around in it ;))

  2. oh man that mochi ice cream looks amazing!

  3. huhu~ love coffee and cafe time :) hehe.. of course ehgee! you are a VIP!! kk

    john, those mochi icecream reminded me of the ones at home where we get from asian stores..the frozen ones! hehe..

  4. thats one thing I miss about korea, they know how to relax in cafes with class and artistry !

  5. they really do^^ i was just thinking today how much koreans do count aesthetics.. was at krispy cream today and realized what a nice cafe it was and i thought of the one we have at home..^^


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