happy chuseok!

from finishing school last week and having this break and holiday.. it feels good :) really good! to finally catch a breather and RELAX... ^-^

relax time means, coffee time... :)

at our neighborhood cafe, jeje

the lovely cafe lady owner gave us complimentary seconds!

i missed their coffee.. actually has been a while since we visited jeje ^-^ their coffee never disappoints us~

mainly staying busy playing with our new cellphones, iphone4~~ hehe... it is the best~~~~~ (and i am not tech savvy..but this is the greatest ever! heh..) now im realizing, how did i ever do with out it?!...... ^-^

jeje's mascots?.. . froggie says hi and goodbye


  1. 언니~~
    해피 추석 ^^
    커피 많이 마셔~~~♡

  2. 너두 즐거운 추석 보내~~~~ <3


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