My first 2020 post!

Hi to those still visiting my blog!!.I can’t believe it’s survived this long!! Lol

So many things have been happening this year right?!

Hope everyone is doing well despite the huge energy shift going around.

I myself have been changing a lot.

I realized I kept this blog for so long and I definitely should write more, and I say this all the time I know I know.

I’m excited to get back to this blog again.  I hope to share more.

Here’s the very first successful cherry tomato plant I’m growing this year.

we also cook a lot more at home now.  Here’s a pic of our very abundant plate of avocado cucumber rolls.  The spicy sprouts are a great side salad that goes well with the rolls.

I’ll keep this short for now.

Despite all the changes going on everywhere, good and bad,

Let’s all stay positive and be thankful for the things we have in this life.

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