tora-b (cafe in Hapjeong-Hongdae)

tora-b is just a little baby bear. tucked away, not so visibile for the world to see, you gotta be careful. this place could be easily missed with the blink of an eye.

but as we've all heard, size isn't everything.

little odds & ends for sale;; cute little dessert forks and such;; cat things;;; all of that jazz. and i also thoroughly enjoyed tora-b due to its support for local art. always a plus.



definitely more of a coffee/tea/latte joint than a place to go eat some grub. even the dessert menu was quite limited, but of course coffee wasn't meant to be consumed solo~~gotta devour somesort of sweet, soft, creation. which is what we did. i've never had anything like this before, but it was s~~~~o good!



LOCATION::: hongdae, exit 5. (the cafe hunters spend A LOT of time in this area =))

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