new found love... baking

me.. im very much a noobie in baking...BUT how i LOVE it!

im determined to bake every other day (resting a day in between to eat them).. because soon, i will be going to pastry school!! i need lots and lots of practice!! ^^

i do not want to be wasting my money and spending most of my time getting "used to" things.. SO, i am going to bake as much as i can ^^ and so far so good and so fun~

i finally got myself into buying my first baking book in korean.. and also some CUTE baking ware, in MINI ^-^

but how i wish the ingredients were much cheaper here.. i am frugal indeed.. i wish i would have been baking much earlier while i was home home (states)... i guess better late than never...^^ practice practice practice!


  1. so cute~!

    wow, every other day is ambitious! i can't wait to see the final product~~

    good luck~ and have fun!

  2. Hi!
    Cool blog!
    I'm wondering, what pastry school will you be going to? I've also entertained the thought of doing something like this. :) Will you be studying in Korea? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!



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